R&D projects

EG15_019/0004711 Development of gastroretentive form of selenium/iodine in drink and tablet, adjustment of electrolytes balance 2015-2019
EG15_019/0004546 Development of a new set of powder/liquid drinks and solid food supplements for persons suffering with inflammatory bowel disease 2015-2019
FV10454 The innovation of infusion solutions according to up-to-date knowledge about glycocalyx protection 2016-2019
FV10416 Nanofibrous Wound Dressing 2016-2019
TH02030200 Efficient removal of aromatic halogenderivatives (AOX) from the local industrial sources 2016-2019
TH02020025 Research and development of automatic biomass boiler 2016-2019
TH02030260 Modular Combustion Technology for Alternative Fuels Combustion 2016-2019
TH02010762 Supplements for the pozitive effect on the human microbiome 2016-2019
TH02030223 Innovations integrated pest management of stone fruit in relation to method of storage and pesticide rezidues content 2017-2020
TH02010325 Innovation of feed supplements for fitness improvement of domestic and wild animals 2017-2020
TH03010158 Tripertenics structures in target delivery forms 2018-2021
TH03010279 In vitro skin penetration - optimizationof test methods 2018-2022
TH03010284 In vitro sensitization testing - a comprehensive approach 2018-2021
TH03010288 Use of hemocompatibility tests for medical devices based on advanced materials 2018-2022
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